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It is Apple Cider Season!

I must confess that autumn has never been my favourite season. Perhaps it is because where I live, the gap between summer and winter is too short to really appreciate the beauty and splendor of the changing colours. The leaves don't gently dance and twirl from branch to earth, they are blown with a fury. One day we are enjoying the last of the hot summer weather, and the next we are covered in a blanket of snow. However, this year has been different! We have been graced with week after week of yellows, browns and reds. The leaves have held tight to the branches and the breezes have been gentle. It has been just the year to embrace all the wonderful activities that fall has to offer!

I love to spend the changing seasons outdoors, it feels so nourishing to witness one season slip into the next. To bear witness to the earth shedding one identity for another. I find that it helps me keep perspective on how nothing lasts forever. Change is a vital part of life. This has been an essential piece of wisdom in these last 18 months as I have been learning to live with a chronic illness. If nature can effortlessly thrive through change and adversity, why can't I?

Nature has been especially nourishing for me in this season since my chronic illness makes it challenging to be in crowded noisy places, and fluorescent lighting triggers my fatigue. Plus, Covid. All this has been great motivation to get the family out and enjoying what nature has to offer. It is so lovely to get out for a walk among the trees, then enjoy a cup of homemade apple cider!

This year my apple trees grew an abundance of apples. I was feeling particularly low energy levels after a chaotic back-to-school season and it seemed the apples may go to waste. Thankfully my 20 year old reminded me that it was apple cider season, and inspiration was born! I have been juicing the apples, then processing them for storage. This was my first time canning apple juice, but it was a quick and easy process. If you'd like to see how I did it, check out my post about it here.

This means I have a supply of sweet, home-grown apple juice to make apple cider. This is the process I follow to make apple cider. Not only does it taste delicious, but it looks so pretty!

Now that I am well supplied with hot drinks, we can head out on a weekly excursion to enjoy the season while it lasts.

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